Rental Rates

Per 4 hour block
Technical Director
4 Hour Minimum
$35 per hour
Sound, Lights, Video and Camera Technicians
4 Hour Minimum
$35 per hour each
Facility Manager
2 Hour Minimum
$25 per hour
Traffic Officer*
2 Hour Minimum
$30 per hour
Custodial/Cleaning Fee
Per use
Projectors & Video Screen Use
Per day

Charges cover BASIC sound and lighting.
Intelligent lighting, net lighting, etc incurs additional charges.
Additional services are available. Please inquire during your tour.
Rentals are available Monday-Friday, SATURDAY UNTIL NOON.
NO RENTALS ON SUNDAY.  Facility Rental is not available for wedding or funeral services.
A 50% deposit is due upon any booking made.

*Events requiring more than 200 parking spaces must be held after 5:30pm.

Fredericksburg Auditorium Technical Specifications

Audio- 5.1 surround configuration

  • Meyer Sound Labs audio system
    o 8x Mina sub-compact line array per side o 3x 600-HP flown subs per side
    o 4x 700-HP floor subs
    o Front-fill, out-fill, and delay cabinets
  • JBL Cinema Surround

o 11x cinema surround modules to complete 5.1 surround system

• Midas Audio Consoles

o Pro 6 at front-of-house
o Pro 2c in broadcast studio for live stream and multi-site

simulcast audio
• Shure ULX-D wireless microphones


  • Martin intelligent lighting
  • Chroma Q Inspire full color LED house lighting
  • Strand PL4 LED front lighting
  • Grand MA2 Ultra Light console


  • 3x projection screens (each measuring 16×9, two side screens, one center screeen)
  • Panasonic DW-830 projectors (8000 lumens each)
  • Sony MVS3000 video production switcher
  • Sony HCX-D70 broadcast cameras


Lifepoint Fredericksburg also features two small theaters and a number of classrooms, providing flexibility and choice for your rental needs.


The theaters measure 975 sq ft respectively. They seat between 60 – 90 adults in each theatre with flexible seating arrangements in both. They are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems.





Rental Rate

Small Theater –  Rate
2 hour Minimum

$100 per hour


There is one large classroom measuring 1,050 sq ft which can be used for several different functions.



Rental Rate

Large Classroom – Commercial Rate
2 hour Minimum

$50 per hour

Small Classroom – Commercial Rate
2 hour Minimum

$25 per hour

100 – Auditorium Style
80 – Dinner Seating
72 – Conference Seating
There are also two smaller classrooms of approximately 400 sq ft.

48 – Auditorium Style
32 – Conference Seating

If you would like to tour our facility please call 540-786-5111 ext 104 and fill out this form