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Helpful thoughts on being a better leader: 

Our spiritual life is like running a race. But how do we run the spiritual race? What does it take to be victorious?...

Many of us have heard the verse from Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” There is a definition in Webster’s that I would like to pursue on the subject and that is “causing great happiness or joy”....

Start Your Leadership Journey At Lifepoint

Leading Others is a privilege and will stretch you as you learn the many facets of being a great leader. Take a few moments to read the article on Spiritual Leadership, then complete the rest of the forms on this page. You’ll be contacted by the appropriate Coach or Director to have a conversation about how and where you will best serve at Lifepoint.  

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Growing as a leader involves perpetual learning and choosing to focus on your strengths and areas you want to grow in. While we get to improve in our areas of strength, all of us have blind spots, so you and your Coach will have conversations during the process to be sure you’re also growing in those areas.

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