What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving others in them. From creating a welcoming environment on a Greeter Team, to leading the next generation on a Student Team, to creating atmospheres of worship on the Worship Team, to building community through leading a Group, our Dream Team is making a difference.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Dream Team is to build the body of Christ by each person making an eternal difference in the lives of others.

Join the Dream Team

Take a next step and join the Dream Team by attending Growth Track. This environment is designed to guide you through the essentials of our faith, discovering your gifts, and fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Step One

May 5

Step Two

April 14

Areas of Service


Our team supports the church through computer skills, data entry, and a keen attention to details.
Requirements: Age: 18+, Background check

Baptism Team

Our team prepares for and hosts the Lifepoint baptism experience.

Correctional Ministry Team

Our team facilitates services in correctional facilities.
Requirements: Age: 18+, Background check

DHQ (Dream Team Headquarters)

Our team serves our Dream Teams by encouraging, supporting, and caffeinating our Dream Team force on the weekends. Includes preparing food and coffee before, after, and between services.

Events Team

Our team serves at conferences and church-wide events by setting up decorations and facilitating meals and snacks.

First Time Guest Team

Our team provides extraordinary hospitality by anticipating the needs of our first-time guests, exceeding their expectations and ensuring they know exactly where to go and what to expect.

Greeter Team

Our team welcomes people to Lifepoint at the front doors and hands out worship guides at the entrance to the auditorium.

Growth Track Team

Our team serves as the hosts of the Growth Track, greeting guests and providing materials and assistance to those discovering their next steps at Lifepoint.

Guest Services Team

Our team helps people identify their next steps by providing resources and information about weekend services, Groups, Growth Track, and events.

Kidspoint Team

Our team invests in the lives of children through greeting, worship, production, Biblical teaching, videos, Small Groups, and games.
Requirements: Background check

Lifepoint Students

Our team helps students get connected to our Lifepoint Students ministry through Movement Night, Tribe, conferences, and serving at the Lifepoint Students table on Sundays.
Requirements: Background check

Lifepoint Worship

Our team facilitates a powerful worship experience through vocals, instruments, and audio engineering.
Requirements: Infuse training process, Background check

Kidspoint Welcome Team

Our team facilitates the check-in process in Kidspoint to ensure children are cared for effectively and efficiently.
Requirements: Age: High School, Background check

Kingdom Builders Team

Our team uses our gift of giving to support major projects and facilitate the overall vision of the church through strategic financial offerings.

Office/Warehouse Team

Our team serves during the week. Provides administrative support for Lifepoint Church at the office and warehouse facility.

Parking Team

Our team serves as the first impression for those coming to Lifepoint by welcoming people on and off the property and by providing a safe and efficient parking experience.
Requirements: Age: High School

Photography Team

Our team provides photography support for the campus by documenting weekend services and special events. Position has equipment and training requirements.
Requirements: Background check

Prayer Team

Our team provides prayer covering for services, teams and ministries at Lifepoint.
Requirements: Background check

Production Team

Our team assists in the production of the overall worship experience, using lights, cameras, audio, and other visual elements.

Security/Safety Team

Our team protects the safety of all who enter a Lifepoint campus. Monitor all public spaces, Kidspoint environments, and the main service. On-call in case of a medical emergency and allows all teams to function with peace of mind.
Requirements: Background check

Small Group Leaders

Our team is trained to facilitate Small Groups and equipped to build relationships while helping group members discover their next steps.
Requirements: Background check

Ushers Team

Our team assists people to their seats, facilitates the offering, and helps maintain a distraction-free service environment.