Disaster Response


During times when a disaster occurs, we as a church come alongside of disaster relief ministries and other local churches who we have relationship with to meet the needs that they have.


When a disaster occurs it’s a time when those affected will look to God in meeting their emotional and spiritual care needs and we pray the resources and volunteers we send in relief will help shine a light to those affected to see Jesus.  Through the local church, disaster response teams and financial support they will begin to experience God’s protection, God’s provision and God’s love to give them hope to walk through this season.


As Lifepoint Church we have developed was you can help in response. We are so thankful for your commitment to loving people and meeting the needs they now have.


Here are ways to be a part of relief:




Pray for those who have been affected by this disaster, that as they may have lost much, they find their anchor in Christ alone.

Pray for local churches to rise up and be the church in the communities and let their light so shine among men.
Pray for wisdom and protection over all those who will come in and assist in recover efforts.




You are already helping in your generosity towards relief efforts because of your generosity through Lifepoint Church. Lifepoint responds to many disasters by sending resources already budgeted on your behalf from the generosity of the church to trusted relief organizations or local churches.




As Lifepoint national partners are assessing the locations that have been affected, we will wait to hear from them on dates available for relief teams. If you are interested in being a part of a response team that could go out, please complete the form below and the Disaster Relief team will reach out in helping schedule a team as soon as we have further information from our national partners.


Thank you for your love, prayers, support and generosity!