Hey Parents and Students! As we journey through this season of Covid-19 we want to keep you updated on all that is happening with Lifepoint Students. It is our mission to do everything we can to help your student stay connected to Godly community and to further develop their relationship with God in this season.

Our Environments


Tribes are student small groups where students have the opportunity to find and make friends and experience the freedom that comes with Godly community. Each Tribe functions in a unique way to cater to different interest and age groups. Tribes will continue to meet during the Covid-19 season. You can email for more info on how your student can get connected! 


MVMNT Night, our monthly service, will continue to happen online every first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. This is our vehicle to help students Know God on a deeper level. We aim to provide an engaging experience with features such as a live chat room for your students to connect with our leaders and other students, spirit-filled worship, and a relevant message from God’s word. You and your student can tune in on Lifepoint Students YouTube.

page or our church online platform.


Jesus tells us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation. We desire to make short term mission trips attainable and affordable to all Lifepoint Students. We believe this is one way they can discover their purpose and make a difference. Due to Covid-19 Mission Trips for 2020 are currently postponed until further notice.


Movement Weekend

MVMNT WKND 2020 is our annual student conference for both middle school and high school students. Due to the current season, MVMNT Weekend will still happen but will look different because the ability to meet in large gatherings is unpredictable during this time. We do have refunds available for those who already purchased a ticket and will keep this site updated as we have details for what MVMNT Weekend will look like this year.