Recommended Resources

God desires that we would live in financial blessing. But in order for Him to bless us with more, we need to steward what we’ve been given well. Use these resources to help leave a legacy that outlives you.

Your Best Life

Budgeting & Debt Reduction

The Total Money Makeover, by Dave Ramsey

This is a MUST-READ for anyone trying to get a handle on their finances, but just doesn’t know where to start. This book provides a comprehensive, easy to understand formula to put together a monthly budget that will work for anyone – regardless of what you do or don’t know about personal finance!


Every Dollar, by the Lampo Group, Inc. (App)

This app allows you to create your personal monthly budget and take it with you wherever you go! For a monthly fee, you can also purchase Every Dollar Plus and link directly into your bank accounts to track your spending against your budget.


Biblical Stewardship

The Blessed Life, by Robert Morris

This book unpacks the joy of giving and explains the truth about how correlating your heart with your generosity will bring not only positive financial results, but will also have a positive affect on the other areas of your life. As explained in the book, you simply cannot out-give God.

The Treasure Principle, by Randy Alcorn

Within this book, you will come to understand how you can use your time on Earth to store up treasures in Heaven. The author uses Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 6 to convey the truth that “we can’t take it with us – but we can send it on ahead!”


Wealth Building, Investing, & Retirement Planning

The Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas Stanley & William Danko

In this book, the authors dispel the myth that wealth accumulation is entirely dependent on how much money you make. Instead, they provide their readers with encouragement and practical advice on how to accumulate wealth through a ‘lifestyle of hard work, perseverance, planning, and self-discipline.’


Unshakeable, by Tony Robbins

Regardless of your age, salary, or when you began investing (if you’ve begun investing), this book provides a compilation of wealth-building advice and strategy from some of the greatest financial masterminds of our generation.


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