You were made for relationship. Find freedom in community.

Small Groups are gatherings of people that meet weekly to support each other and grow through relationship. 



Small Groups exist to help you develop community built on meaningful connection, encouragement, and spiritual growth. No matter your age, stage of life, or where you are in your journey with God, we want you to find freedom and take next steps. Being supported by others makes all the difference.


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You don’t have to be perfect to lead a small group. And you don’t need to be a Bible scholar to be used by God to lead others. To start the process of becoming a small group leader complete this form today!


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Small Group FAQs

What types of Small Groups are available?


Life is busy and your time is important. That’s why we offer a variety of groups to help you find the right match. Whether you’re looking for in-person or virtual, men’s or co-ed, activity-based or a book study, try our Groups Finder to explore your options.


We also offer Freedom Groups, which are designed to help you walk in true freedom as you remove every obstacle to intimacy with the Jesus.



How often do we meet?


Most groups meet weekly during the Small Groups semester to help form friendships and provide the right support. Groups are available throughout the week, daytime or evening.



What are Small Group semesters? 


Small Group semesters generally run from September – December, and January – June. This allows natural breaks for you to try different groups, continue with the same group, or decide to lead your own group.



Where do we meet?


Groups meet online and anywhere people gather – homes, restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails, basketball courts, you name it! 



What will we talk about?


The real question is, what won’t your group talk about? For true connection, our masks must come off. Small Groups are a place where you can be your authentic self.


While groups vary based on type, the goal of all groups is to develop relationship and grow spiritually. For some groups, this means watching Monday Night Football while talking about wins and losses – not just on the field, but in life.  Other groups might choose to dig into a book of the Bible over the course of the semester. 



Is childcare provided?


Not all Small Groups offer childcare. Some groups choose to meet this need together in different ways. This could look like having participants share responsibility in watching children, splitting the cost for a sitter on-site, or making other arrangements.



Once I pick a group, how long am I committed to it?


There is no long-term commitment required. The goal is to find the best group for you, which might mean exploring options. Because Small Groups meet on a semester basis with built-in breaks, this allows for group members to find a new group if their schedule or needs have changed.


Freedom groups are unique, meeting 13-weeks and concluding with a two-day conference. Due to the nature of the program, these groups fill up quickly, making it harder to switch groups mid-semester.