Associate Campus Pastor


Lifepoint Church is hiring an Associate Campus Pastor for one of our campuses. The Associate Campus Pastor is responsible for the health and growth of their campus.


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This position requires a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience. Specifically, the ideal
candidate has work experience proving their ability to recruit and build groups and/or teams.
High-level networking and relational strengths are required. Associates’ Degree or higher in a related field is a plus. This position also requires the candidate to either possess or be willing to pursue a minimum of a Biblical Studies Certificate. The successful individual must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character.

Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

  • They love Jesus, praying bold prayers full of faith, with a firm grasp of Biblical doctrine.
  • Able to communicate, teach, and inspire both large groups and small groups effectively.
  • They are a gatherer, able to mobilize people effectively, empower people toward their potential, and develop leaders.
  • They are a champion of the culture, able to communicate and carry the DNA, vision, and culture of the house and the heart of the Senior Pastor into every environment and defend when necessary.
  • They are a strategic thinker, able to see things logistically, ask the right questions, set goals, and hold people accountable in grace and truth.
  • They are self-aware, a self-starter, constantly learning, able to take criticism, and comfortable surrounding themselves with other high-capacity leaders.
  • They are a problem solver, resilient to adversity, confident but not arrogant, able to make firm decisions, and address conflict.
  • They are organized, able to handle multiple projects at one time in an orderly and professional manner, all the while wearing an organizational hat as a team player.
  • They are entrepreneurial, as a pioneer they are builders with a mindset of replication.
  • They are thermostats, able to set the temperature and tone of a room with their countenance and energetic posture.
  • They are flexible, able to adjust to circumstances and operate at a fast pace.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assess key needs for the campus, formulate strategies, and execute effectively within the given framework and vision of Lifepoint.
  • Execution and health of Lifepoint’s assimilation processes and systems.
  • Leadership Pipeline, including identification, recruitment, and training of leaders.
  • Volunteer health, including recruitment, training, retention, appreciation, and culture.
  • Campus culture dispersion, protection, and saturation.
  • Local outreach thrust of Lifepoint Church.
  • Overall guest experience for the campus including environments, follow-up, and engagement.
  • Giving development on the campus.
  • Group engagement, including leader recruitment, training, and retention.
  • Overall Sunday morning experience.
  • Leadership of Campus Staff, development, personnel reviews, disciplinary issues, potential staff recruitment, selection, and team synergy.
  • Positions that directly report to the Associate Campus Pastor:
    • Next Steps Director
    • Outreach Director
    • Youth Director
    • Kidspoint Director
    • Worship Director
    • Production Director
    • Groups Sr. Coordinator (Dream Team)
    • Support Services Sr. Coordinator (DT)
      • Setup / take down, facilities, security, DHQ
    • Prayer Coordinator (DT)
    • Admin Coordinator (DT)

Employment Status

Full-time, Sunday-Thursday

Reporting Line

Directly Report to the Campus Pastor

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