Kingdom Builders Accelerating the mission
through financial partnership.

Kingdom Builders are a team of people with the spiritual gift of giving, leveraging their resources to advance the mission.



Our Kingdom Builder team closes the gap between what we are able to do and what we have vision to do, as we reach people far from God. With a commitment to giving over and above the tithe (ten percent of one’s income), the Kingdom Builder team partners financially with Lifepoint in five areas:

Lifepoint Projects

As long as there are people far from God, we will continue to make room. In addition to new facilities, existing campuses require updates and maintenance so that we can steward our resources well. Kingdom Builders help keep our buildings and facilities in step with church growth, while pursuing a debt-free position.

Local Outreach

By meeting the physical and spiritual needs of our communities, we are able to model the love of Jesus. Kingdom Builder partnership allows us to do more, responding to calls for help and deploying people to minister in our own backyards.

National Outreach

From disaster relief, to rehabilitation for the houseless, to rescuing women from trafficking, your partnership travels to places you may never go. Through our relationship with ARC (Association of Related Churches), Kingdom Builders assist in planting healthy, life-giving churches around the globe, creating exponential impact.

Global Outreach

Through our trusted global partners, we have adopted villages, rebuilt homes destroyed by natural disasters, provided food and education for children, and so much more. Our Kingdom Builders allow us to respond to the endless opportunities to meet physical needs around the world, while meeting spiritual needs with the gospel.

Lifepoint College

The legacy we leave will be through those we train and equip to advance the gospel. Lifepoint College builds students who love God, have strong character, and possess leadership and academic competency. Prepared for any calling, our students will change the world. Kingdom Builders accelerate our vision to develop the college through recruitment, facilities, opportunities, and resourcing.

To learn more about becoming a Kingdom Builder, reach out to any member of our Leadership Team listed below. In addition, each campus has a Kingdom Builder Coordinator who will connect regularly with the Kingdom Builder Team at his or her campus.

Kyle Kramer

Kingdom Builder Executive Director

Leta Palmer

Kingdom Builder Administrator