Cost & Payment Questions

What is all included in the trip cost?

Airfare, transportation (in country or state), airport transportation, food (except in airports), lodging accommodations, translators, travel insurance, t-shirt, and visa cost (if needed for country).

What is NOT included in the trip cost?

Souvenirs, gas station snacks, passports (new, renewal or expedited), vaccinations, medications (Cipro or Malaria).

Are payments/contributions tax deductible?

Yes, providing the following information: full name of donor and mailing address.

If team member is unable to go on the mission’s trip due to unseen circumstances are the contributions refundable?

No, all contributions are nonrefundable and nontransferable. They contributions will remain towards the general fund of the trip.

What are different ways to gather money towards a mission’s trip?

  1. Personally Contribute- we encourage everyone to sow a personal amount to their own mission’s trip
  2. Raise Financial Support

Payment Options


  1. Go to arenaweb.lifepoint.org
  2. Click “Create Account” (if you don’t have one) follow instructions. If you already have an account, sign in as normal.
  3. On the right, Click “Giving”, then choose and click on “Mission Donations.”
  4. Complete the form
    • Select Mission Trip from Drop Down Menu
    • Enter the first and last name of the trip attendee you are sponsoring
    • Then click the “Verify Attendee” button
    • “Verified should appear directly below in bold text (Note: SPELL ACCURATELY)!
    • Enter the amount you would like to donate in the “Other Amount” box
    • Click “Next” and follow the instructions


Sponsorship Form>>


  1. All Checks should be written to Lifepoint Church with trip code in memo line- YEAR/ MONTH/ LOCATION
    • Trip Code should be provided from the team member you are sponsoring
  2. Complete a Sponsorship Form, place with check in an envelope and mail to the following address
  3. Mail Checks to Lifepoint Church, Attn: Missions Department, 1400 Central Park Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


  1. Complete a Sponsorship Form, place with cash amount in an envelope and mail to the following address
  2. Mail Checks to Lifepoint Church, Attn: Missions Department, 1400 Central Park Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Application Questions

Who can apply for a mission’s trip?

  • In a Lifegroup
  • Dream Team Member
  • Tithing

How will I know Lifepoint received my application?

You should receive an email within minutes of applying, confirming that Lifepoint has received your application. If you did not receive this email the application wasn’t submitted properly.

What happens to my application if the trip is full?

If the trip is full your applications go on a waiting list. If a space opens on the team you will receive an email to let you know. If a leader of another trip is still looking for people for to join the mission trip they are leading they may contact you to see if you interested.

Can I travel to another destination or stay longer at my destination?

No, for team unity and liability reason that all trip participants travel together.

Passport Questions

Where do I go to apply for a passport?

When do I need to renew my passport to go on a mission’s trip?

If your passport is expired or will be expiring within six months after your departure date. Please go here.

Can I apply for a trip with a non-United States passport?

Yes, you can apply to go. Additionally, you are responsible for finding out if you require an additional visa for the specific country of travel.