As our state and country begin the process of reopening, our team has prepared a phased strategy in adherence to the state’s for resuming our in-person gatherings. Phase One of our approach aligns with the state of Virginia, beginning May 15. Contingent on weekly evaluation, we will open to the public in our release of Phase Two.

We are actively consulting with state and local officials as well as an advisory team that represents FEMA, Homeland Security, health care professionals, and our own security teams to finalize safety procedures. We will continue to update this website with information as quickly as possible.

When will in-person gatherings resume?

In an abundance of caution, we are approaching reopening in three phases that may look different than the majority of local businesses or even churches. We are working hard to make sure we have the right safety procedures outlined by our officials securely in place, as well as our own.

Throughout Phase One, our worship experiences will remain online only. However, some mid-week ministry events, such as small groups or Dream Team gatherings, may resume with proper precautions in place.

The timing of our phase transitions will remain fluid, and may not align with the state’s– but we plan to open our doors to the public during Phase Two, continuing to keep your safety at the forefront of our decision-making.

How will the Sunday experience be different?

While we know the value of our in-person gatherings will remain the same, there will be some noticeable differences due to the safety precautions we must take. Even though the state has permitted houses of worship to gather at 50% capacity, in order to maintain social distancing requirements, our permanent facilities are limited at 30% capacity. To control crowd sizes, we will be utilizing an online RSVP system for seating reservations.

We will be taking every measure to reduce physical touch-points and sanitize thoroughly between services. Facemasks and hand sanitizer will be readily available. We also expect that our interaction will look differently for a time; our Dream Team will greet you with a wave, rather than a hug or high-five.

Even in the midst of these precautionary measures, we hope that gathering together again will feel like coming home.

More detailed information on what to expect will be made available on this website as we near reopening.

What about regular yearly events?

Large events, such as Freedom Conference and MVMNT Weekend, will not be able to resume until Phase Three or potentially later. The governor has released some information about Phase Three, and we have developed a flexible plan that we will solidify as more details are made available.

Are there any in-person events happening yet?

Beginning with Phase One, you may see some mid-week ministry events such as small groups or Dream Team gatherings resume with proper precautions. You can also find Outreach opportunities to participate in by visiting We urge you to use personal discretion and follow social distancing guidelines, should you choose to participate in any of these events.

We also have several great ways for you to connect online:

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