Series Resources

God desires that we would live in financial blessing. But in order for Him to bless us with more, we need to steward what we’ve been given well. Use these resources to help leave a legacy that outlives you.

Click the link above to download a personal budget worksheet that will allow you to create a monthly budget based on your anticipated income and expenses.  The budgeting process is imperative to shaping a successful financial future by helping you control and track your personal spending habits.


The Bible provides clear instruction on how to live a life of generosity.  Biblical generosity starts with returning the tithe, which simply means ten-percent.  If you have never experienced the blessing of God’s promise through the tithe – or, if it’s been some time since you’ve tried it – then, join our 90-Day Tithe Challenge by clicking the link above!  Our Finance Office is eager and ready to encourage and resource you through this journey!

Connect with others in the church looking to jumpstart their knowledge and understanding of basic stewardship principles by signing up for one of our financial small groups called Financial Peace University (FPU)!  Click the link above to go to our groups locator page.  Filter on the “Types” header and select “Groups-Finance” to view a list of the finance groups available.


Because our groups run on a semester-basis, there may not be any openings currently available.  If that is the case, then you are encouraged to join one of our FPU waitlists by selecting the waitlist group for your campus.

Do you want to join us in the mission of reaching people far from God so they will become fully alive in Christ?  Your gift of generosity enables us to accelerate that vision. Click the link above to find out how you can partner with us in making a difference for eternity!


Are you looking for additional resources to help guide you through your personal financial journey?  Whether you are looking for personal budgeting tips, guidance on Biblical stewardship, or professional advice for your retirement strategy, you can click the link above to obtain a list of books, apps, websites, and podcasts recommended by Lifepoint to help you in each of those areas.


Have questions about your giving, any of our recommended resources, or what the Bible says about generosity?  Or, do you have a story of financial break-through to share with us?  We would love to hear from you!  Please email us at

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