Before I began attending and serving at Lifepoint Richmond, my life lacked community. I was weak in my personal and spiritual growth, and was sleeping on fulfilling my purpose.

I attended Lifepoint Richmond for a year without going all in; without serving and experiencing all that Lifepoint has to offer. I had a stubborn mindset and believed that I did not need connection, and I lacked the confidence to step into something much greater than I could imagine.

I was anxious, worried, and truly did not believe I could make any impact. I kept to myself and sat quietly in the corner. I was lonely, failing to follow the purpose and conviction of God in my life, and plateauing in my personal growth. I simply did not believe that I could play an important role in a movement to advance God’s kingdom in Richmond.

During the relaunch of Lifepoint Richmond, I decided it was finally time to go all in. Pastor Daniel encouraged us to go all in for one year and re-evaluate where you are a year later. But it only took months for me to look back and be in awe of how much God moved in my life.

I attended Growth Track and began serving in Outreach and Kidspoint Nursery. I also joined a Young Adults Small Group. I simply decided to take hold of all that Lifepoint Richmond had to offer.

In Growth Track, I learned what my strengths are and how I can serve to utilize them while being encouraged by the wonderful people of Lifepoint Richmond. I found a passion for outreach and experienced great joy in serving the families of Lifepoint Richmond through Kidspoint. Small Groups brought me the community I had been praying for and confidence in letting my walls down and encouraging others through vulnerability.

Most importantly, my relationship with God has grown stronger and become the foundation of my life. Through Lifepoint Richmond, I have learned that I adore serving others and God’s Kingdom. I never knew how big my heart could grow for God and His people.

Thanks to Lifepoint Richmond, I have community and friendships that push me closer to God. I have grown more than I could ever imagine, both spiritually and personally. I have met people who have invested in me and have called out the potential and purpose that God has placed on my life.

Because people choose to see the purpose in me that I would have never seen in myself, I have stepped into opportunities that have grown and changed my heart.

I have gained a pure joy and passion for inviting people to church, simply because I used to be just like them. My desire is for them to see and feel the fullness, joy, and life that I feel every day now because of God and serving Him alongside my community at Lifepoint.

I am forever thankful that God is using Lifepoint Richmond to change lives in this city.”
Brittany Lamb