“This past summer, we took a team to Frontline Response in Atlanta, Georgia.  To summarize the experience, we used one phrase throughout the trip…”Look at God!

From the moment we pulled into the hotel, to boarding the plane, to returning home-we were in awe of God’s hand on the trip.  We spent our days working with the Frontline Response team, from their homeless and prostitution ministry to doing community outreach. Our serving was not boxed in by the day’s structure; we continued to serve in the hotel where we stayed.  Both experiences were rewarding and challenging!
One particular day when we were meeting for breakfast, a woman wandered into the Frontline building.  She wore a ripped t-shirt with a sweatshirt tied around her waist.  She sat in the front lobby for some time before using the bathroom. We later learned that this was not her first time coming into the building, but she left each time.  One of the team members went into the bathroom on this particular day while in there.  The two began talking casually, and the woman confessed that she was exhausted and not allowed to sleep at night because she had to work in the building across the street all night.  The team member reminded her that she was safe here and that Frontline could help her get out of that life and to safety.  The woman agreed and went to a safe house that night.
It is said that mission work changes the people served and those serving.  This statement was so true for our team in particular.  Not only did we come back equipped with the tools and knowledge to serve our community, but we jumped right into action.  Since this trip, the homeless ministry has increased, and a new prostitution ministry was started.  The bonds formed among the team and those working at Frontline Atlanta are still strong.   We know that God used each of us to plant seeds in the city of Atlanta, and we are praying that those seeds produce life change.”
Gerald Hackett